Topics of Interest

I feel privileged as a writer to be able to dive deep into topics as they interest me, dig in to find the people and stories that illuminate issues, and then emerge with a few nuggets to share — no longer limited to print — for interested niche audiences.

I like to joke that I started out in sports (age 16 at community newspaper, through Minnesota Daily and then Sports Illustrated for Kids until late 20s) …

then moved onto sperm (late 30s with the development of the Choice Mom business dedicated to building resources for the global community of single women who proactively build a family through conception with sperm donation or adoptive methods to motherhood).

Since becoming more focused on flexible communications projects after the birth of my kids, I’ve dived into a few special topic areas:

My next and biggest adventure, officially starting January 1, 2018, will be as the owner/publisher and editor of Minnesota Women’s Press. Learn more here.