Minnesota Women’s Press 2018 Development

Our Minnesota Women’s Press 2018 Development crowdfunding campaign has begun! Find it on the iFundWomen platform.

In 1985, a group of Minnesotans aligned with the vision of Mollie Hoben and Glenda Martin to:

put women in charge of their own news.

Under decades of development with co-publishers Kathy Magnuson and Norma Smith Olson, the independent Minnesota Women’s Press has …

  • a loyal audience,
  • with long-term advertisers,
  • and a commitment to fact-checking,
  • for informed storytelling, 
  • reflecting the values, issues and commentary
  • of Minnesota women.

We are mocking up cover options for testing — including photography featuring artists, activists, entrepreneurs, moms, and more.

New 2018 Ownership

On August 10, 2017, Mikki Morrissette signed a purchase agreement to become the new owner, editor and publisher of the monthly magazine, starting with the January 2018 issue. Mikki’s vision for growth:

  • Expand intergenerational and intersectional conversation;
  • Enhance stories with strong photography and rebranded design;
  • Create a more interactive website and social media experience;
  • Extend visibility and voice throughout Minnesota;
  • Engage the amazing women of our community with in-person events.

We believe in the creative and collaborative spirit of women to get things done — skills that are needed today more than ever.

As Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar indicated in a September 2018 Time Inc. multimedia spread about women, “I said to my dad, ‘This doesn’t look like the America you promised.'” That’s largely why she ran for office — and why Minnesotans elected her as the first Somali-American legislator.

That is the power of women. And it is a critical time for us to do more together. The tagline of the 2018 Minnesota Women’s Press:

Powerful. Everyday. Women.

The distinction of Minnesota Women’s Press

Minnesota Women’s Press is the oldest continuously published feminist monthly print magazine in the U.S. It is self-sustaining with steady advertising income.

New management will engage the loyal base of Minnesota Women’s Press readers and expand the brand’s appeal to younger voices, LBTQ community and women of color. We will do this with enhanced digital presence, content by diverse writers and videographers, new cover and interior design, and outreach to diverse communities.

Why We Need Your Support

we are reimagining cover design

In order to increase the influence of Minnesota Women’s Press, and expand our storytelling capacity in even more digital ways, we are offering new opportunities to work in partnership with donors and investors.

  1. “Pay It Outward” (ongoing) — A team of donors will purchase gift subscriptions for those who might not otherwise see the publication. We will jointly decide on new distribution sites.
  2. “Fund the Storytellers” (ongoing) — Investment income will help us revamp the WomensPress.com website, recruit and compensate a larger pool of diverse storytellers and videographers, and hire savvy social media reporters.
  3. Changemaker Gala (January) — to honor the founding members of Minnesota Women’s Press and the annual Changemakers nominated by readers and staff. Donors will help us gift invitations. Sponsors will help us provide food, drink, music.
  4. Equal Pay Day symposium (April) — to dive deeper into long-term glass ceiling issues and equity imbalance in the workplace. This is a new opportunity for sponsors and investors to help us launch a Minnesota Women’s Press conversation.
  5. “Get Out the Vote” Guide (October) — donors and advertisers will help us create a special issue to be distributed throughout the state for the 2018 mid-term election year. We need investors to help us expand distribution.

How can you help?

  1. Join our e-mail list. Get the inside scoop on what we are developing, offer suggestions when we test drive ideas, contribute story and essayist ideas.
  2. Share this page with friends.
  3. Spread the word about our crowd-funding campaign for seed money, launching September 22.
  4. Contact us if you want to be an investor, sponsor or advertiser to take part in our long-term vision as a business.