Website development

Whether you are creating a website from scratch, restructuring an existing website, or looking for a new approach to digitally market your business, let us help! Here are samples of my work.

JKoney1) This artist had two weeks before speaking at an international conference about climate change, and needed a website built from scratch that would showcase her Sea Level Rise artwork, as well as other pieces for future exhibits.Click for the full website.

OldJudithGuest2) This well-known author hadn’t had a refresh of her website in ten years, and was preparing to launch several new e-books and sequels. Click to see the new version.

firstunivAFTER3) Over a one-year period, I took a church website that rarely changed, had a static monthly calendar, and virtually no contemporary images, and created an overhauled communications package that not only included a robust website, but a storytelling newsletter, social media components, video library, integrated e-newsletter and ongoing image library.

Other projects have included:

  • Current client – Minnesota Academy of Science – now includes richer website and newsletter content.
  • Revitalizing the website of an entrepreneurial team to include ongoing blogs that were shared through social media to increase visibility in community.
  • Overhauling a dull, non-changing community website into a space for ongoing news and images.
  • A website makeover for a mental health initiative co-launched by Dave Wellstone.