Who Buys Sex?

Who wants to have sex with underage victims? Might be someone you know.

The people who pay to have sex with abused youth are more “normal” than you might think. Some think it is a victimless crime — that they are helping a girl earn money. Some think the girls enjoy being with them. Some don’t care if they enjoy it, or get paid.

  • A 45-year-old youth minister is arrested for going to a motel to have sex with a girl advertised online as a 14-year-old prostitute.
  • A battered and bruised teenager is sent to a former NFL football player’s hotel room — he doesn’t hesitate to have sex with her against her wishes. Two years later, his adult son is arrested for rape and child molestation.
  • A family network of men and women find homeless and mentally vulnerable girls and forces them to have sex with an average of five or six men each night.
  • Coworkers at a Seagate technology office are connected with a trafficker who sells 30 young girls over a three-year period – no one tells. One of them is recorded by a police officer, requesting “a white girl,” negotiating payment, informed that she is 15: “I don’t care about her age, I just care if she looks good.” (we’ve heard the audio and are trying to get a copy)

Of course, sometimes the johns don’t ask how old the girl is — and get caught up in a sting operation. Such as:

  • The 60-year-old CEO of a hospital
  • Politicians such as Florida Rep. Mike Horner

Sex Trafficking of Americans: The Girls Next Door, Vanity Fair, 2011

The average john is married, employed, and in his late 30s; their numbers, according to studies, are escalating.

Caroline, a former 4-H girl who was rescued: ‘You name it, every guy is into it. I had a politician, a prosecutor, a police officer, a lawyer, doctors.’ One 60-ish man, a former Fortune 500–company administrator, bragged that his retirement plan consisted of having sex with as many prostitutes as possible.