“I am soooo thrilled and excited about the website Mikki! You have been AMAZING to work with. So patient and so responsive — even when under tight deadlines and juggling an almost infinite number of details. The final product is amazing and does indeed reflect my personal style and wishes, which is a real talent of yours!”
— Jennifer Koney

“I am quite impressed, (overwhelmed really) by your efforts. They are magnificent.”
— Edgar Mitchell, founder of Institute of Noetic Sciences after his experience returning from a walk on the moon in 1971

“Your talents in writing, marketing, administrating, brainstorming have helped catapult our business to a new level. You do nine things so we can do the one thing we do best.”
– Larry LaVercombe

“The work you’ve done is so far and above what we have [had so far]… Again Mikki, I can’t say enough how much I love what you’re doing. Thank you for your hard work!!”​
— Ken Barlow