How Do We Make the Rape of Land and People Visible?

“Sustainable We” Forum
April 19, 2016
The Club Room at Red Stag


Sustainable We forum #5 was titled “The Visibility Cloak,” part of the citywide Fierce Lament activities coordinated by art activist Camille Gage.

How are we making the rape of our land/air/water and people visible? How do important issues come to light — especially those that we tend not to see even though they are all around us? How do we succeed at getting the stories out?

Our discussion was led by the perspectives of:

  • Healthy Legacy’s Kathleen Schuler: How visibility with legislators and manufacturers is improving — and not — as consumers demand less toxic home products. Audio clip #1: the state of federal law

Audio clip #2: the impact on public health

Audio clip #3: Example — the case of tire mulch in parks

The Challenges

As we began a group discussion, a man in the audience asked what each of the women believes is at the root of the issues.

Sarah: on objectification (55 seconds)

Kathleen: on domination (23 seconds)

Shalini: on commodification


The Hopes

Kathleen: on strong companies, and consumer demand, taking the lead even before regulation

Shalini: on breaking the silence — reminding everyone that our lives matter

Sarah: on how we heal