Want to learn more about Paul and Sheila Wellstone’s work or find recommended books and websites? We’ve compiled our favorite sources here that were used as part of the research for Be the Change: The Paul and Sheila Wellstone Story.  


“The Conscience of a Liberal,” by Paul Wellstone (2002)

“Becoming Wellstone,” by David Wellstone (2012)

“Politics the Wellstone Way,” by Wellstone Action (2005)

“Paul Wellstone: The Life of a Passionate Progressive, by Bill Lofy (2005)

“Professor Wellstone Goes to Washington,” by Dennis Mcgrath and Dane Smith (1995)

For more about the controversial nature of war, especially related to the Iraq War vote, see the documentary “Body of War

For more about the Violence Against Women Act, click here.

For more about the mental health bill, click here.

Wellstone! DVD by Hardworking Pictures



#1 — a good compilation of the fiery nature of Paul Wellstone on the Senate floor.

#2 — the infamous “Fast-Paced Paul” advertisement that got him tremendous mileage in his 1990 upset election win for U.S. Senate

#3 — “Looking for Rudy,” which also used irreverent advertising to attract attention